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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
7:35 am
HG Wells
Back on the <http://www.audible.com>Audible</a> cheerleader squad. They have a full length War of the Worlds download. Nearly six hours of listening pleasure.
I'm looking forward to listening to it. I've heard snippets, and vaguely recall an old TV show or movie that re-enacted it (anyone know the reference?

HG Wells has some of the most seminal / earliest science fiction -- before they had a name for it. War of the Worlds, the Time Machine, the Invisible Man, the Island of Dr. Moreau. I think he was one of the first authors I read in junior high (when I got hooked on this stuff).

What are YOUR first memories of SF/F books or movies?

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
1:23 pm
Tau Zero
There is a nonfiction essay by Arthur C Clarke that I read only once in high school, and it has focused my thinking more than any other single work of fiction. It talked about matter organizing itself from the lowest, most primative level, to the largest extremes.

Beginning with viruses, moving to bacteria, cells without nuclei, cells with them, multicellular organisms, on up to humans, tribes, city-states, and nations. Then he speculated on how we might organize above the level of squabbling nations, an earthship with 200 "captains". (I'm blurring him with Bucky Fuller, I know)

anyways, from I got the idea from this essay that you can zoom in and out at any level, and still see something interesting. Everything is a hologram of everything else.

I'm trying to think of a fictional work that embodies this notion, and Tau Zero by Poul Anderson comes to mind.
Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
10:41 am
The dark is rising, by Susan Cooper
I must have encountered this book in 5th grade, and it made a permanant imprint on my busy little brain. It's not science fiction, more magical realism. This was my first encounter with the horned one, with Merlin, and with bad guys who don't seem so bad, and good guys who don't seem so good.

For a children's book, this was more Lord of the Rings than Chronichles of Narnia

When the Dark is Rising, Six shall turn it back, Three from the circle, Three from the track. Wood, bronze, iron, Water, fire, stone, Five will return and one go alone.
5:53 am
Any Harlan Ellison fans?
I have the Essential Ellison, which is only about 3 inches thick. (Or at least it had damn well better have survived the Great Book Purge of 2001, but that's another story.)

Just re-listened to "Repent, Harlequin, said the TickTockMan" which Ellison says Audible claims is his most popular short story. I have to say I love that one. If you take away people's freedoms by degrees, they will never miss them. Something like the boiling of a frog (although that's Mark Twain in the Calaveras County book, no?)

Too jumbled to post well. Soft lob pitch to start discussion. KW

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2:52 am
Join, post, and play nice.

Please join the new livejournal community 'Seminal Science Fiction'. I wanted a place to record all of the cool reading suggestions which keep coming up in conversation at Third Place Books and other poly get-togethers.

So have at it. Join us. Read, discuss. We can have that 'What Heinlein book influences YOUR brand of Polyamory' discussion.

Or not...

Join us, read, play!

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